Trevi top

I don’t know about you, but it seems that every year now, I hit a stage of panic sewing around a month before my holidays.  It always, always creeps up on me, together with the realisation that I cannot possibly complete my mental holiday wardrobe anything like in time.

This week so far, in a spate of speed sewing, I have completed a dress, a jersey top, three woven tops and a dress for Katie. And it’s only Wednesday!! But I have to start work on my wedding guest outfit next week so I’m blazing through the quicker holiday makes before settling in to that one!

This is a roundabout way of saying I have a blog backlog at this point!

Part of that is the top I want to show you today, which continues my search for the perfect summer top.

So what’s a perfect summer top, then?

For me, it’s something sleeveless, preferably woven as I find that cooler, and with a certain amount of chest coverage as I always, always get sunburn otherwise.

Enter the Hey June Handmade “Trevi” top and dress.  This is a recent release and features a high neck, slightly cut away armholes and a button back, to be made in drapey fabrics.

Sounds perfect!

I made it up in some rayon (viscose? Who knows!) I got in the first Sew Up North fabric swap, so thank you to whoever donated this! It hangs beautifully and has a glorious floral print, perfect holiday fabric.

Unusually for me, I didn’t go for contrast buttons, largely because there seemed very little point with a print like that. If I’d worked out my Prym pliers earlier, I would probably have just gone with snaps; live and learn. I have 8 buttons down the back rather than the 6 called for, simply because the last button back top I made comes open now and again so I wanted each button to be under a little less weight.

The pattern sewed up easily and quickly, and I really, really like the result; it feels put together but so cool and floaty, it’s exactly how I like a summer top to feel. I can wear it for work with jeans but it will also work with my shorts.

Another time, I think I would shorten the back piece a little; it just feels a little too long and I’d prefer the look of it with the two hems more in line, but that is total personal preference.

So, a successful make and a use of stash fabric; what could be better?

Becca x


Pattern: Trevi top and dress by Hey June Handmade

My measurements: bust 35″: waist / torso 30″: hip 40″

Size cut: 8

Fabric: around 1m of rayon (maybe?) from the Sew Up North fabric swap

Future adjustments: shorten the back piece slightly

Make again: Yep!

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  1. Looks beautiful! Have you tried the Sew Over It Silk Cami top yet? I am IN LOVE, no fastenings, no darts, no fuss at all. And the straps are wide enough for it to be decent to wear to school on hot days. (I work with children) would HIGHLY recommend, I’ve made 2 and want at least another 5 before my hols!! x

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    1. Thank you!
      Yes, I tried that last summer but I need to make some major adjustments for it to fit me at all. It was the same with their Betty dress, my torso clearly doesn’t match their block at all! Such a shame because it looks so lovely but I just haven’t got around to investing the time yet!


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