Feathered Trevi

Hi there! It's time to share my latest Minerva Crafts Blogger Network post with you.  This one is a little special because I had the photos taken at the Stitch Room Sewcial. It was rather strange having professional photos taken of a make, especially since I normally just take my own shots with a tripod... Continue Reading →

Trevi top

I don't know about you, but it seems that every year now, I hit a stage of panic sewing around a month before my holidays.  It always, always creeps up on me, together with the realisation that I cannot possibly complete my mental holiday wardrobe anything like in time. This week so far, in a... Continue Reading →

Taking custom made to a new level

Hello! How's things? Work traumas this week have meant things have felt pretty down here; so what's a girl to do? Abandon the logical, almost completed cataloguing and organising of the fabric stash and tackle a brand new pattern, of course! The pattern in question is the Hey June Biscayne blouse and here's a little spoiler: I... Continue Reading →

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