Me Made May Weeks 2 – 4

OK, I know; not much of a weekly review going on here, is there?

What can I say, life happens. It’s been a rough few weeks, in no small part due to the combined efforts of getting the biggest little one through the last week of term whilst being without a sewing machine to manage my stress.  Let’s just say I now have quite a lot of projects cut out and waiting for me, shall we?

Anyway, I’ve decided to do a quick review of weeks 2 to 4 of Me Made May and a final post, possibly some time in the next week, possibly not, to look at my overall view of the month.

So, without further ado, onwards!

At the end of week one, I was feeling a little bored by my me mades and was looking for more colour and fun in my wardrobe.  According to my Instagram, week 2 looked like this;


So once again, I relied heavily on separates.  I actually see this as rather a strength, and not something I would have had the me mades available to do last year.  So working left to right, I wore the Grainline Morris, the Deer and Doe Melilot, the Made by Rae Beatrix and on the second row, the Tilly and the Buttons Cleo with a Jennifer Lauren Handmade Gable top, the Threadcount blouse free from Sew Now magazine, the dino print Moneta and another Jennifer Lauren Gable top.

There’s a little more colour and fun here, but not loads.  And yet I felt better this week.  Some of that was finally starting to recover from the flu bugs, obviously.  I took some abuse at work for the red and white striped top (no less than 5 independent “where’s Wally? Found you!” comments; my colleagues are so original), compliments from some kids on the dino dress (take the compliments you get and say thank you!) and felt best in the Melilot and Beatrix tops and the Threadcount blouse.  All of these were projects that required a few additional skills like buttons, collars and plackets so I was proud of myself whilst wearing them.

Week 3 looked like this;


Once again, it’s all separates! And I’m getting some repeats now, although not too many thanks to the sun finally starting to creep out.  My favourite this week was my new Deer and Doe Hoya blouse; LOVE this, cannot get it through the wash fast enough!  The Morris blazer came in for a lot of wear again and I noticed it’s starting to look a little worn around the edges, so is edging up the to do list for a remake.

We had 1 Agnes, 1 Moss, 1 Threadcount blouse, 1 Hoya (twice!), 1 Orla, 1 Morris, 1 Gabel and 1 Carrie trousers.  The trousers actually got the most likes on Instagram, which is interesting: I wear them because they are so stupidly comfy rather than because I think they’re the most flattering in the world; isn’t it strange how your view of yourself and others’ can be so different?

Week 4 and the sun came out!


I even got brave enough to get my legs out; two dresses and one skirt.  The skirt in particular was a strange one for me, I have genuinely no clue when I last wore a skirt without tights!  This is the Selena skirt which is the cover gift with the current issue of Simply Sewing mag and will be getting its own blog post shortly.

I also debuted my #sewtogetherforsummer shirtdress which will be getting another blog post soon, partly so I remember all the fit issues I want to fix.

So I finally wore some pretty dresses, being heartily sick of seeing myself in jeans, but I actually didn’t feel that comfortable in them.  And I really can’t decide whether that’s because I’ve slipped into wearing jeans all the time now I can dress down at work and am just not used to them any more.  I think it might be.

So with just a few days to go, how are things going?

I still feel like I need to pull the balance back a little more towards dresses.  This can be tricky for me as it’s much more noticeable when they don’t fit so well.  But I need to get over that and crack on with making another one with the adjustments made.

I feel great in some of my more tailored tops; consequently, I think I need to steer my sewing a little more away from the gratuitious, quick win sew and a little more into the shirts, blouses and woven t shirts which make me feel better about myself.

I really need to make the second Morris blazer I’ve always intended but never got to.  Honestly, this is just disgraceful of me; this is a quick sew and I can get hold of appropriate fabric very easily. Lazy girl!

I’m surprised at how little I’m noticing the “need” to pick a me made every morning; this is genuinely how I live now anyway.  I like my clothes.  And I made them!

So, a couple of days of (very British, very mixed weather) May to go; how are you getting on with your pledge?   And will you miss May when June hits?

I think I might!

Becca x

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