Thoughts on Me Made May

So, Me Made May is over for another year. Did you take part? Or did you just browse the #memademay2019 on Instagram and find lots and lots of inspiration? Me Made May is my favourite challenge of the year as it has been the one which has really helped me tailor what I make to... Continue Reading →

Me Made May Week 3

Hi there! A slightly late post this week (although there's a chance I may not have properly published last week's post until about 5 minutes ago....­čś│) but here's my round up of week 3 of Me Made May. This week has been really busy: work is full on, I've had meetings at school outside of... Continue Reading →

Me Made May Weeks 2 – 4

OK, I know; not much of a weekly review going on here, is there? What can I say, life happens. It's been a rough few weeks, in no small part due to the combined efforts of getting the biggest little one through the last week of term whilst being without a sewing machine to manage... Continue Reading →

Me Made May

Hurrah! For the first time this year I have a reason to look forward to next month, and it's all down to Zoe. Once again, Zoe is running Me Made May. ┬áThis wonderful challenge encourages you to make a personal pledge, appropriate to you, to get more out of your handmade wardrobe, rediscover those things... Continue Reading →

Me Made May part 1

Hello! How are things with you? Going well? And have you been taking part in Me Made May?  If you haven't heard of it, I'd be surprised, but it's a month long challenge organised by Zoe of 'So, Zo...' Blog. You set your own challenge but the basic idea is to get you wearing your me... Continue Reading →

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