Pyjamas in public

Hello! Me again! Just for once I have ten minutes to throw a blog post together very shortly after completing a make: the children are at gymnastics and the house is in such a state that I don't know where to start. So I'm not going to; instead I've nipped out into the sunshine, grabbed... Continue Reading →

Orla on show

Hello! How's your week going? Things have been hectic round here but sewing and also shopping has been happening too! A little while ago, the lovely Clarinda Kaleidoscope put an open invitation on Instagram for people to join her at the Spring Knitting and Stitching Show at Olympia.  I had a quick look at the cost of... Continue Reading →

Skirting the issue

Hello there! ┬áSee, I'm back again already - I told you I had some things ready to blog if I could just find time for photos! This make is another repeat make (have you noticed how often I do that? I really should make more effort to get the thing right the first time!) ┬áThis... Continue Reading →

A Vintage Tulip

Hi there! Hope things are going well for you? Things have been quiet around here, largely as I've been told to relax and stay quiet to get over a nasty chest infection. This has meant some sewing time I wasn't expecting but also very sloooooow sewing as I have just not had the concentration. But... Continue Reading →

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