Flights of fancy

Hi there! My latest Minerva Crafts Blogger Network post goes live today and I've started early on my spring sewing.  I made the Sew Over It Florence dress, maxi length, out of this tropical floral rayon fabric with tiny little hummingbirds all over it. It's bright, but I love it (husband is less keen; in... Continue Reading →

Summer means Carrie!

I don't know about you, but there are certain patterns that I want to make as soon as the sun starts coming out. I'm all about the fickle flitting from one new shiny thing to another, but there's a base layer of predictably under that. One of my favourite things to wear last summer were... Continue Reading →

Flowery pants!

Hi there! Today, my latest post for the Minerva Crafts Blogger Network goes live.  This month I chose to make the Sew Over It Ultimate Trousers (again - they were a very early make for me but it's fair to say they went rather better this time around!) I used the online course to make... Continue Reading →

My dragon top!

I know the title of this looks very random, but it stems from my husband's seeming inability to use the word "kimono" instead of "komodo".  He's now given in and started referring to my latest make as a dragon top and it's stuck! I mentioned previously that I'd joined the Sew Over It pdf club... Continue Reading →

More Up North goodies

Hi there! I've another quick update today on the remarkable generosity of another sponsor of Sew Up North. If by chance you've not yet heard all the details of the next Sew Up North, you can find out about it here, but one of the elements of the day will be a charity raffle in... Continue Reading →

Spring Nancy

Hi there! Hope you've been enjoying the glorious sunshine this weekend, it's been absolutely fabulous here, such a relief after what feels like months and months of grey skies. I fit in a very quick make this weekend and for once, that didn't mean anything made out of jersey.  Instead, I made the Sew Over... Continue Reading →

Huggly, snuggly Heather

Hi there! Hope everything's well in your corner of the world, despite the consistently grey and rubbish weather outside. Today, I've got the perfect secret pyjamas make to show you, my new Sew Over It Heather dress. I mahde this gem of a dress for this month's Minerva Crafts Blogger Network post; head on over... Continue Reading →

Holiday failures!

Hi there! I thought it was about time I talked about a couple of my makes which I'm deeming to be failures, although for different reasons. So, what's it mean to me for a make to be a failure? Basically, it means I haven't worn it when I meant to. As I'm sure you've noticed... Continue Reading →

Dotty about Datura!

Hello! I've another catch up post for you today, so I'm afraid if you follow me on Instagram you may already have seen some of these photos. Sorry not sorry, I love these makes! So a few weeks ago, my colleagues and I from Halifax trailed down to London for one of those lovely corporate... Continue Reading →

Elizabeth, Beth and Betty

Hi there! Hope all's well in your world? I'm drafting this on holiday so, other than being slightly over-Disneyed at this point, all's well. The makes I wanted to show you today have been rather slow burners.  Which is odd, as the pattern in question has been on my personal radar for quite some time,... Continue Reading →

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