Me Made May 18: week 1

Hi there!

So we are one week in to Me Made May 2018 and I thought I’d do a quick round up of my month so far.

My pledge was to wear at least one item of Me Made clothing a day (not really a stretch any more) but to also wear a dress at least once a week.  I wanted to pledge something to make me think a little more and there is a strong part of me that is really bored of reaching for jeans as often as I do, even if it’s with a smart, me made top.  I wanted to see whether or not, in my new dress down working life, I can make dresses work for me again.

So, what have we learned this week?  Apart, of course, from the fact that the English weather is completely bonkers at this time of year?

I started the week in snuggly jumpers, feeling the cold and wishing for warmer weather.  I reached for an as yet unblogged Stella hoodie from Tilly’s new book. I made this up in a loop back French terry from Girl Charlee and I was surprised at how soft it is and how much drape it has.  Definitely a success for a day working from home.

Day 2 meant a day in the office and a relatively important meeting. Tilly was my choice again, this time my unblogged (god I’m behind!) Freya dress in mint green ponte from Minerva crafts.  I’m surprised how much I love this; I do think I will add a little length to the next version though, this felt quite short.  I’m not sure it will get much wear as the weather improves, but this is definitely a winner on the smart casual work front, especially paired with some sparkly trainers (yes, I do clothes shop with my two small daughters in tow, why do you ask?)

Day 3 was my birthday, which was actually something of a non event.  I worked from home but went for comfy style in ANOTHER Tilly make (my Bibi dress) paired with an old favourite, Jennifer Lauren Gable top in striped jersey from Sew Essential.  I love this top so much; in my recent clear out I found I had some of this left and I recently acquired the Lark t-shirt pattern so I think a summer version is required!

Day 4.  Day 4 marked the anniversary of my cousin’s death.  It sucks.  I struggle with it every year, it doesn’t get any easier, and it’s the reason I don’t like my birthday.  But I was persuaded to meet some friends for breakfast rather than staying at home alone all day (which actually caused me to have an anxiety attack, but I made it out the door).  I decided me made would help but was in the mood for black so chose this bunny print Deer & Doe Hoya top.  I have a third version of this top cut out and ready to go, I really like it and it did help me through the day because I didn’t have to think about whether I looked a total mess or not.

Day 5 and suddenly it’s summer! I was supposed to be meeting Sally for lunch but sadly she was ill so instead I ended up running about all over, doing jobs for me and for school.  This included a trip to Ikea on a bank holiday weekend, never ideal, but I was super comfy in my Kalle shirt and RTW skinny jeans. Also new sandals which help everything!

Then by the time I got back I was way too hot so switched to my Sallie jumpsuit with cropped legs, which I never thought would see the light of day in this country! It’s still super comfy but since I made 3 versions of this last year, I think I have enough for now.  There may well be more Kalles in my future though!

Day 6 involved going into Leeds for a belated birthday lunch with my family and parents.  I wore my Kielo wrap dress which was perfect; I felt very pulled together and stylish but there was no sucking in of tummy required after a large 3 course meal; what more could you ask?  Bonus points were achieved for Katie also wearing a me made dress (hers has Dumbo on it!)

Day 7 and we spent a very tropical bank holiday Monday at home enjoying the sun.  It was all RTW whilst I power washed the patio (a sure fire way to get completely filthy!) but then I went for another Deer and Doe top, this time a Datura in a gorgeous light weight cotton from Stoff & Stil last year.  I’ve lost count of how many Daturas I have but I still want more!

So one week in and I’ve worn multiple dresses, which is great.  I think I still need to find a good casual dress pattern for those days sitting somewhere in-between cool spring and tropical heatwave, but I’m happy that I managed to find something appropriate and comfortable for each day of a very varied week!

How are you getting along with your pledge?

Becca x

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