Looking back at January

Hi there!

I thought it might be interesting to start doing a monthly round up post on the blog.  There are two main reasons for this; firstly, I’m getting to the point where I don’t blog absolutely everything I make.  This has been the case for a while now, but I find I’d quite like to have a log of my creations somewhere, even just to stop me feeling like I haven’t achieved anything of late.

Secondly, there are a few challenges going on and I made a resolution at the start of the year around my fabric stash; remember the three purchases a month / use 3 stash items for every new item post?

What did I make?

One of the ways I’m trying to be more organised this year is by using the sewing planner from Sew DIY’s blog.  I printed this off quite small and it’s now hanging on my peg board with the things I’d like to make (and the things I NEED to make) written on.  I’ve also marked off deadlines like my Minerva Crafts blog each month.



I had felt like I hadn’t achieved anything this month, but looking at that, I’m going well!

First up, there’s the things I’ve already blogged;

The Cosy dress from My Handmade Wardrobe I made up as part of their new pattern launch. Then there’s my Sunny top (made as part of the #sewmystyle2018 challenge) combined with Monsal pants by Wendy Ward to make epic pj’s.

All three items here were from stash fabric (classed as such because they were purchased before January 1st this year…. even if some of them did arrive after that date!)

I made a dress for my next Minerva Crafts blog and a pair of trousers for an upcoming book review; details on those when I’m allowed to publish them! Fabric for both of these was provided to me free of charge and is therefore totally excluded from any stash / non stash reckonings (I had to have a get out of jail card somewhere, right?)

There are a couple of things on here which relate to my pattern cutting course; realistically I’m not taking photos of my block toiles but I have made up the trouser block and a princess seamed bodice which I drafted using my bodice block; the bodice fits, the trousers are on their third iteration!

There was a very satisfying Gable top; very unusually, I’ve had this cut out and ready to go for a couple of months and it’s just been sitting forlornly waiting for me to spend a whole 45 minutes making it up! The fabric is from Higgs & Higgs and definitely counts as stash fabric.

Then I made the biggest girl a brand new Spin dress for our family trip to Strictly Come Dancing Live; I used a red stretch crushed velvet which we chose together in B&M Fabrics just before Christmas; stash fabric again!

I made myself another (black) Southbank dress in a knit effect scuba from the Knitting and Stitching Show last year; it is nigh on impossible to photograph but, whilst it lacks the snuggliness of my original versions, it does look smart and it will definitely get some wear.

I’ve got one WIP (i.e. I’ve started sewing) and two garments cut out and ready to go.

So that’s 8 garments plus two block toiles and one WIP.  I used stash fabric for all but the pyjamas so that’s 7 stash v 1 purchase (ignoring the toiles.  I can’t get precious about calico!)

What did I buy?

Yes. Well. I kind of did and kind of didn’t stick to my 3 items only rule.

I currently have a few new baby gifts lined up to make, so I bought jersey in the Girl Charlee sale.

I’m kind of not counting that as I did search through my stash first and didn’t find anything appropriate, and it’s not for me.  Also I got 6 metres of fabric from them for under £30 so I’m winning there.

I bought;

  • Girl Charlee jersey for the pyjamas above (1 count)
  • Girl Charlee jersey destined for a top for Beth (1 count)


  • Flamingo jersey from Fabrics For All, also destined for a top for Beth


  • Lady McElroy lawn at the My Handmade Wardrobe Patterns launch party.


I know, I was so close! But I’m OK with it actually; worryingly, that does represent less purchasing for me and other than the flamingo jersey which was pure impulse, everything else was bought for a very specific project and the stash had already been perused for alternatives.  The lawn was the biggest splurge but it was for a very specific project and it matches the other fabric perfectly, plus it was at a sewing party, so buying just one piece of fabric was pretty good for me!


Anyway, if you’ve made it this far, well done! I’m not sure whether these are going to be the most exciting posts in the world (let me know your thoughts below) but I think they might help keep my resolutions on track and prop up my willpower with the thought of public shame, so I’m hoping to keep going with them!

Up next are completing my current WIP (hopefully before the weekend!) and my Secret Valentines Exchange 2018 gift. And hopefully, finally, a trouser block that fits me so I can start working on making my own jeans!

What are you working on at the moment? And how are you getting on with your resolutions?

Becca x


12 thoughts on “Looking back at January

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  1. I like the round up. It’s nice to get an overview of what people have been up to. I’m feeling pretty good about my stash reducing plans too- so far managed not to buy anything this month, and the only two new acquisitions were for guest blogs and have already been sewn up and sorted so never made it to stash. Not sure I’ll manage to keep it up, but it’s nice to see people being accountable to their goals even when they don’t go perfectly to plan.

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    1. I like the ones that never make it to stash the best; one of the main reasons for getting my stash down is that the majority were bought with specific items in mind and time got in the way!


  2. I enjoyed your roundup even if it makes me feel even less productive! I didn’t make (m)any specific resolutions (other than no RTW). I did commit to 2018 make nine and MAGAM is ongoing. I’m doing okay. 2 garments made, Chanel jacket finished, 2 garments abandoned (I’m getting better at that), 1 cut out today, 1 pattern prepped and ready to cut out, one pattern prepped but no suitable fabric. My big goal, though, is to get trousers to fit. Like you, I’ve done several toiles and think I’m getting close to acceptable! The fabric is ready! I’m not sure I’m ready though.

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    1. I so recognise that feeling! But I’m determined to make it work, it’s silly; if I can make a coat, I should be able to make trousers, surely?! You sound to have been pretty productive to me


  3. I like the round up, it’s nice to read about fellow sewers plans and accomplishments – definitely inspiring! I don’t think I get enough sewing done in a month to do a round up but maybe one day!

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  4. I loved all your makes and I’d say you’re doing great matching intention to manifestation with 7 makes in a month! I’m part of the #2018 RTW Fast and that’s going just fine. I did add to that NO fabric, patterns or shoes for 2018 too. The fabric part is going really well (my stash was so crazy with so much gorgeous fabric it wasn’t that hard) but my pattern ban is NOT going well at all. I keep buying them. It’s craziness. It’s slowed but honestly I just don’t need a single one. Probably not ever 🙂 But I see something and I think, “Oh I’d like to make that!” and it’s in my online basket before I can give it at least a SECOND thought. So this is a work in progress (sigh) I’ve done well on the rest so that’s something 🙂 I’m making a sleeveless blouse right now https://www.howtodofashion.com/shop/no-3-kastrup-pdf which is very cute. I bought this pattern about 2 years ago when it was still available in print format. I realized recently that I don’t have one single sleeveless blouse or dress in a woven. I have a few knit ones but those wovens are the coolest to wear in the summer months. Cotton lawns, linen and silks I have a aplenty so I thought I’d get on that giving myself lots of lead time 🙂

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  5. I like the round up – it’s nice to see what you’ve been up to even if you didn’t feel like blogging them all. And 7 items made out of stash fabric?! That’s great! It’s also really nice to see someone being honest about their resolutions not always going 100% to plan as it’s more realistic and breaks the ‘perfection’ of the internet world. So thanks for being real!

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    1. I’m all about being real! 😂 Never was any good at hiding things; this is me! I’m pleasantly surprised though at how well this has gone, I need to keep on it and work through my beautiful stash….so I can go buy more fabric!


    1. Thanks! It is a really useful little pattern; I totally live in jersey tops and jeans these days, so it’s nice to have a couple of different variations available.
      It’s so easy to forget what you’ve made when you sew most days, I think these posts might make me feel a bit less down on myself; I always have so many more ideas than I achieve but that doesn’t mean that I haven’t achieved anything!

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      1. Oh bless if it makes you feel any better you always seem very productive to me 🙂 Yeay for realistic self expectation (she says having just posted my february plans for 7 things :/ Oops!)

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