Hi there! Happy New Year! Here’s hoping that this shiny new year brings better things for all of us.

I’ve decided to take part in the #2018MakeNine challenge, where you identify 9 patterns which you’d like to make in the coming year.  This is despite the slightly mixed success of the #2017MakeNine challenge; I chose 9 patterns and completed 5 of them.

So why take part again?  Despite not having completed all my identified patterns, I still found it useful to have a touch point of what I’d like to make throughout the year.  Some patterns, like the Safran, are still firmly on my radar.  I still didn’t feel to have the skill set by the year end to pick them up.  Others, like the Martha, just didn’t appeal to me quite so much by the middle of the year as they did at the start.  It’s all good; it’s not like I didn’t make any other dresses last year!

So what’s different this year?

Firstly, I’ve combined some of my choices with the #sewmystyle2018 challenge, thereby increasing my chances of actually making things.  It’s got to help, right?

Secondly, I’ve made an attempt to both pick patterns I already own and to pair them with fabrics from my stash.  These aren’t set in stone and a couple of the patterns I still need to purchase, but I’m trying to take a more holistich approach, rather than treating a number of different challenges as separate beasts.

So what do I want to achieve this year?

Firstly, I want to continue to improve my skill set.  I’ve just completed a 6 week pattern cutting course and have signed up to the next 4 week block; I am already feeling much more confident in altering patterns to fit, so let’s see how that goes.  You’ll notice that there are several pairs of trousers in this year’s choices; I am DETERMINED to nail that most tricky of fitting issues.

Secondly, I am absolutely determined (there’s that word again) to reduce the size of my fabric stash.  It’s got out of control and it’s no longer bringing me joy. So it’s time to save some money and set myself some boundaries.

I will aim to buy no more than 3 lengths of fabric a month.

Above that, I will aim to make 3 items from stash fabric for every one I buy new.

So that’s 12 garments a month; sounds like a lot, right? And it is. I won’t make that many every month.  But there are always months in the year where I make more than that in a mad frenzy, so it makes sense to me to have limits in place.

I’m not going mad with this; there will be times and places where that all goes out the window (SewBrum, I’m looking at you!) and if there are gorgeous fabrics I can’t normally get hold of in front of me, I’m not likely to resist.  But I’d like it to be a more conscious decision, rather than me getting giddy and carried away!

So, what are my pattern / fabric combinations?


Kalle Shirt / Shirtdress, Closet Case Files

Fabric: city print cotton voile

This is one of the Sew My Style pattern choices, and I’m planning to give it a go as an alternative to my beloved Melilot pattern.  I didn’t love it on release but have seen a lot of versions which I love so it’s been slow burner for me.  The cotton voile I bought in 2017’s January sale and have been treasuring; time to just sew the fabric, I think!

Tilly & The Buttons Marigold jumpsuit / trousers

Fabric: floral rayon from Cotton Reel Studio

I’ve toyed with this pattern for a while, but felt I was more likely to make the trousers than the jumpsuit and they were too similar to the Sew Over It “Carrie” trousers.  I now have three pairs of those so this pattern’s appearance on the Sew My Style list pushed me over the edge; I will be buying this when the discount code appears.

I bought the fabric from Cotton Reel Studio using the discount code from Sew Up North last May, so again, time to stop being precious and just sew the fabric!

Deer & Doe Zephyr dress

Fabric: floral scuba from Fabric Styles

Ooh look, a Deer and Doe pattern; you’re stunned, right? 😉

I bought this on Sew Saturday in Fabrication and picked the fabric up from Fabric Styles when there was a discount (although at £4.99 a metre you don’t really need the discount, right?)  I’m in search of a going out dress that’s comfy and doesn’t require me to feel like sucking my tummy in.  Clearly, I’m also in need of places to go out, but I’ll deal with that later!

True Bias Lander shorts

Fabric: ? Probably some cotton drill or chambray?

This is the only pattern on the list without a definite fabric match from the stash.  However, if I can get trousers to fit, I can definitely get shorts that fit, right? Which would be really nice! So these shorts from the Sew My Style list are sitting on the list, waiting for a suitable fabric choice to happen.  I will probably wait until nearer summer and see what tops I’ve been making; let’s face it, they’re probably going to be blue.

Sew Over It Florence dress

Fabric: tropical print viscose from Minerva Crafts

I joined the Sew Over It pdf club last year and bought a lot of the new patterns as they were released.  They don’t all speak to me, but I do like a maxi dress and I thought this would make a nice change to my current uniform of jeans for work.

Closet Case Patterns Ginger jeans

Fabric: stretch blue denim

Yep. there they are again: jeans.  I AM going to make this happen this year! I have all the fabric, not to mention the notions, all lined up and waiting.  I also have the Safran and Morgan jeans patterns, so I am determined to get this working this year! Wish me luck!

I just need to decide whether to go skinny or bootcut (yes, I bought both!)

McCalls 7547 dungarees

Fabric: black denim

See, I told you there was a theme of trousers!  I won this pattern from The Foldline for their pattern of the week and am currently working on the fit adjustments needed. I’m feeling pretty confident about this (although I’ve not tried the latest toile on yet, so it could all yet go wrong!)

Dungarees are a little our of my comfort zone, style wise, but that’s something else I’m trying to embrace.

Nina Lee Portobello trousers

Fabric: swan print cotton voile from Stoff Still

AGAIN with the trousers!  I bought these from Nina at the GBSB live with the full intention of making them up as summer trousers.  I then saw swan print gorgeousness in the Stoff & Still sale and the rest is history…..

I have high hopes for this pattern after the success of the Southbank dresses, I’m hoping these fit me as well as that did!

Deer and Doe Bleuet dress

Fabric: Alexander Henry chinese dragon print cotton

So yeah, there had to be more than one Deer and Doe pattern on my list; I do love them!  This one has recently been rejigged and I absolutely love it; I basically want to make the pattern sample in gorgeous green.  But as a starting point, I have this gorgeous Alexander Henry cotton I picked up in a destash Crafty Clyde was having (thank you!) so the two seem like the perfect pairing to me.

So there you have it; I’m hoping this is a good mix of wear-to-death basics and pretty things that just beg to be made.

How about you; are you lining up a list of patterns for the year? Or joining any of the challenges going on?

Becca x

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  1. Where did you do your pattern cutting course Becca? I did a trouser one at Leeds Art College this time last year, which I was very disappointed with, it wasn’t drafting from scratch, but altering a standard industry block – not what I wanted. I’d be interested to know, I’ve bought the Craftsy course, but there’s nothing like a real live person in front of you helping.


    1. It’s at The Bowery in Headingley. It’s also based off altering a standard block and initially I was disappointed but actually, it’s given me a lot more confidence to know how to alter commercial patterns to fit me. I’m definitely more likely to want to do that than to draft my own designs from scratch on a general basis so it’s suiting me pretty well


  2. Just saw a link to this on Facebook. Great idea. I was just finishing my #2018makenine and was about to creat a separate 9 fabrics from my stash( exactly the same intention -reduce the stash!) so I’m thinking of a going back and doing the same combined picture format.
    I’ve added you to my Bloglovin feed too

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I definitely think that combining both the pattern and fabric is more likely to have me making up what I intended without buying more fabric and spending more cash. It’s silly, I bought just about everything in my stash because I loved it so why would I not crack on and sew them unless the fabric type isn’t right? But it seems I need a fairly strong reminder for that to kick in!!


  3. Your plans look great, I’m in awe of your output, especially when you work too! I tried to reduce my stash last year, and ended up buying as much fabric as I made up, which wasn’t the intention!. I’ve told myself that I’m buying no more than 18 pieces of fabric or RTW items of clothing this year. I make about two items a month. I’m doing the makenine challenge, and have matched patterns to what is already in my stash. I’ve set my own challenge which is #sew18dresses2018. I’ve been using the Cora app since last year and find that really helpful. Looking forward to seeing what you make this year!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s so hard, though, especially with Instagram and all the pretty things that bob up on there; temptation is never far away! I’ve ordered 2 pieces of jersey in the Girl Charlee sale so I’m allowed one more piece this month; I’m hoping that having all these plans lined up and waiting will help!
      I use Cora too and it can be really helpful, both in terms of inspiration from scrolling through a visual record of what you have and in terms of a necessary guilt trip if you press the button to see the total length of your stash 😳


  4. Loving your plans, especially the Deer and Doe patterns! Matching patterns to stashed fabric is a great idea, and I’m in the middle of planning to do this too. Good luck with your makes, and may the trouser fitting fairies be on your side! (Also, I may have bought some jersey in the Girl Charlee sale too…).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks; I’m enjoying seeing everyone’s plans paired with their fabric, seems a lot more people are doing that this time.
      It’s very hard to resist the Girl Charlee sale, especially when you’ve just found the perfect lounge pants pattern and just keep dreaming about super cosy pyjamas!


  5. Good luck with your plans for 2018 – I’m sure most of these will happen by year end! I especially love the Bleuet dress you’ve picked out. One of my resolutions for 2018 is to try a Deer and Doe pattern, which I suspect might be partly because of all the lovely ones you’ve made…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw, thank you! I am a massive fan girl, clearly; it helps that their block is much closer to my own shape than a lot of others so I don’t have to make too many adjustments!


  6. Setting stash busting goals is really good! I should probably do that as well as cataloguing and organising it a bit more (that’s definitely happening soon!). Oh I do love the Kalle shirtdress, that might have to sneak in. And I’m surprised that I keep thinking about the Lander pant despite it not being my usual style. Really like all of your fabric choices, Bleuet is going to look great in that print cotton! Looking forward to following along. 😀 x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I can definitely see you looking amazing in the Kalle! And I know what you mean about the Landers, they’re not my usual style either but I’ve seen so many different people look amazing in them. Have you seen Shauni’s versions? Am hoping for similar success!
      I’m not sure I’ll achieve it but I was hoping to have the Bleuet finished for a trip to Cirque du Soleil next month but I may have over reached a little; nothing new there…..


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