Goji has to go

Today’s make is a first for me. It had to happen sometime and this, it seems, is it; it’s a Deer and Doe pattern that I don’t love.

I don’t even like it very much.

I should. I like the line drawings. I like the topstitching details. I like the big patch pockets and the paper bag waist.

I just really, really don’t like them on me.

This is the skirt version of the Deer and Doe Goji pattern and to make it even worse, I made it up in some bloody gorgeous palm print crepe from Stoff & Stil, confident in Deer and Doe’s ability to take me stylishly out of my comfort zone and have me look great.

Can’t win them all, I guess.

But let’s be honest; this style is doing absolutely nothing for me.  It’s hiding what waist I do have and I basically feel like a big, fat frump.

And believe me when I say my children reinforced this with some brutal honesty!

Ah, Deer and Doe. Never fear, I still love you. But I don’t think I’ll be making the shorts any time soon. Which is a shame, because this was a very satisfying sew.

It just looks awful!

What makes have you thrown into the “learnt from that, never making it again” pile?

Becca x


Pattern: Deer and Doe “Goji“, skirt version

Measurements: waist 31″, hips 40″

Size cut: 42

Fabric: a heavier weight, almost barkcloth like textured crepe from Stoff & Stil which I can’t now find on their site

Adjustments made: none

Make again? Er, no. Not this one.

9 thoughts on “Goji has to go

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  1. You certainly don’t look like a big fat frump but you are so adventurous with your makes that you were bound to try something eventually that didn’t quite work out as you’d hoped! Put it down to experience and remember that everything else you’ve made for your holiday looks fabulous! xx

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    1. Thanks Jane! Sometimes once you feel that way, the make is a gonner and I think this is just one of those to scratch up to experience. Wonder if I have any friends who’d wear it and are my size!


  2. Although this particular Deer and Doe is not what you hopped I am glad that you are not breaking up with them. Maybe this one is more about the process than the results.

    If you do find a friend your size they will get a beautiful gift xx

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  3. It’s the tough thing about sewing, you can’t try the finished garment on before you make it! You’ve done so well though, a lot of beautiful makes that have worked out. It’s fun to experiment though! I love the Sallie culottes jumpsuit BTW.

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  4. It’s always a shame to have put the effort in then find it just doesn’t feel right☹️ I found the same with a shirt dress I recently made, it was pulled in at waist with a belt & gave me no shape so felt so unflattering. I’m going to chop it off to see if it’s better as a top!
    At least we’ve learnt from the process that certain styles are not for us & your skirt is going to make a great gift for a lucky friend

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