Me Made May, week 1

Hi there!

So, are you taking part in Me Made May this year?  If you don’t know what I’m on about, head on over to Zoe’s blog for details.  This is my third year of taking part and this year my pledge is to wear a me made item every day for the month and also to make a start on one of my “big” projects, either the Kelly anorak or the Ginger jeans.

So, how did week one go?

It’s been rather an odd week.  It was my birthday on Wednesday (and unfortunately, one of those landmark ones that remind you how time is passing…. thanks to everyone who made lovely comments on my Instagram posts on the subject, I needed the boost this week).

My birthday is always followed by the anniversary of a family bereavement.  It’s been 21 years now since I lost the first of my cousins and I still miss him.  No details necessary here but I don’t remember fully enjoying any birthday since.  And of course, everyone expects you to, rightly so.  Funny thing sometimes, life.

And on top of all that mix up, I celebrated starting the next decade with an absolute stinker of a cold / flu bug. So that’s been a barrel of laughs.

Consequently, my me-mades this week have been something of a mixed bag!


Crikey, I have looked rather rough this week, haven’t I? Damn you, flu bugs!

It seems that I have reached entirely for separates this week, which is quite a step forward for me.  My first Me Made May highlighted to me that I made entirely too many pretty dresses and not enough sensible things I actually wanted to wear day to day.

There’s also been an awful lot of jersey; when comfort is key, stretchy fabrics are always going to win.

There have been 3 Agnes tops, 2 Gable tops, one Morris blazer, one (bonus) kimono and one as yet unblogged Deer and Doe Hoya blouse.

I’ve also made a start on the Kelly anorak, cutting out the pattern pieces whilst away for a training course (yes, I know that was last week, no it doesn’t matter because I’ve still made a start!)

So how am I feeling about my me-mades?


A little bit blah.  I begin to wonder whether I’ve gone too far into the sensible, stuff I want to wear every day stuff and away from the pretty, fun, character displaying stuff.  I felt surprisingly great in the Hoya top (more on that later) and fab in the kimono, but not so much in the jersey tops.  Have I perhaps made too many of these?  Do I need to change my focus a little?

Good job there’s some goldfish print cotton cut out and waiting for me this week….. all I need now is for the sun to come out and the weather to remember it’s supposed to be getting warmer, not colder!

Roll on week 2; I will attempt to be a little more daring in my choices!


Becca x

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  1. My week one started really well with lots of recent makes, but I’m now starting to struggle more to find combinations of two me-mades that work together. It’s made me realise that if I want to wear more me-mades (which I do!) then I need to concentrate on basics and on the principles of capsule wardrobe building. I reckon my planned makes for the rest of the month should fit right in, though. Now I just need more time to sew…

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