The beauty of the Tried & Tested

Hello! Sorry it's been rather quiet around here of late, I'm afraid every spare second has been taken up with emergency stitching rather than blogging.  We are now on T minus 12 before Disney happens, there's a wedding to attend next weekend (nearly finished that dress!) and this weekend we are enjoying the sun at... Continue Reading →

An old favourite made anew!

Hello! How's things? I'm trying desperately to catch up on blogging some of the things I've been making of late when too tired to actually sew without error ( or when I can't be bothered to set the machine up on the kitchen table!) and post PTA meeting tonight (yes, it seems I'm one of... Continue Reading →

For my inner bookworm

Anyone who knows me will tell you I'm a bookworm. Always have been, always will be. Handbags are chosen on their ability to carry purse, umbrella, brush and book at all times, lunchtime at work (all 30 minutes of it) involves eating whilst reading and getting to sleep without reading.....just not possible. Which means that... Continue Reading →

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