Aloha Hawaii!

Hi there! Today sees the publication of my latest Minerva Crafts Blogger Network post and I am unutterably thrilled with this one! I chose to get some of this incredible Art Gallery Fabrics rayon; it was the print that sold me (shocking, right?) but when it arrived, oh, the feel of that fabric!!! Picture me... Continue Reading →

A Speckled Melilot

Hi there! So, like I said, I have actually been sewing lots, it's simply been a case of not having time to blog.  I'm forcing myself to stop for a night or two and write some posts to show some of the things I've been doing, and this is one that has been on the... Continue Reading →

Feeling continental

Hello! So with this post, I'm playing catchup (again!) Sorry about this, it seems that I'm sewing faster than I'm writing just at the moment.  Part of that is that the sewing tackles stress for me far more efficiently than does the writing, and right now there's a fair amount of stress to tackle!  Also,... Continue Reading →

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