When disaster strikes

Hello! Hope all is well in your corner of the world. Today's post is about my most recent make and the title kind of gives the game away: all did not go according to plan! Do you ever feel like some makes have it in for you? This one was one of those. It started... Continue Reading →

Astoria at last

Hello! Hope the world's being kind to you? Sorry about the slight pause in blogging there, we've been dragging ourselves to the end of the current school term and the Easter holidays finally kicked in last night.  I am still not sure why my daughter's school terms reflect on us, but am starting to accept... Continue Reading →

The case of the missing mojo

Have you ever had a spell of time where the old sewing mojo ups sticks and disappears? I'd love to know where mine went to the last few weeks, but it has been officially MIA. Part of the problem is health. I've suffered from migraines my entire life but just lately, they have stepped up several gears.  And as they... Continue Reading →

Solo Coco!

I did it!  I made progress in tackling my fear of stretch fabrics! Finally, almost 6 months after going on a workshop to make a Tilly and the Buttons Coco top/dress, I sat down all on my own and made another one! Hurrah! Here is the top, on a very tired me at the end of a very... Continue Reading →

Stretching the issue

Although this blog is very new and shiny, I have been sewing for a little while now and there are certain fabrics I feel pretty comfortable with. Cotton. ¬†Cotton's pretty good. Particularly quilting cotton - firm, stable, pretty colours.... not always great for dressmaking though, is it? ¬†Looks great on the hanger or on Gertrude... Continue Reading →

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