A trio of Christmas dresses

Hi there!  I need to apologise for the lateness of this post: really, it should have been written and blogged a couple of weeks ago.  However, I've been feeling like hell with one cold after another, and I foolishly forgot to take photos on Christmas Day so have been waiting for photos from Dad.  Such... Continue Reading →

3rd time’s a charm?

Hello! Hope things are going well for you? I've been enjoying the slightly strange phenomenon of driving home from work before it gets pitch black: small pleasures! Before I show you today's make, I just wanted to talk about a little recognition I've been getting of late which has really blown me away. As well... Continue Reading →

Foxy lady?!

Hello there! How's life? Hope things are going swimmingly for you, and I don't mean that literally (despite the floods of rain hammering down on my roof windows right now!) The make I've got ready today has taken quite some time, although not because it was particularly complicated; sometimes life just gets in the way,... Continue Reading →

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