Belladone done

Hi there everyone! It's taken me a little while to write this post; no particular reason, just life deciding to get in the way.  But I'm here now, so I thought I'd share the details of the dress I made myself for my 40th birthday dinner. Yes, that number is still smarting  little! Anyway, the... Continue Reading →

Happy Hoya

Hi there! Well, it's been rather busy around here of late, hasn't it? I seem to suddenly be blogging several times a week; I can't promise it'll continue and if you're getting update emails, I hope they aren't clogging up your inboxes! Sorry though, but I can't wait to share my latest make with you.... Continue Reading →

Tartan cosiness

Hi there! Hope your January is going smoothly? Mine is being made much snugglier by the addition of my shiny new Bruyere top to my wardrobe.  I've clearly added another Deer and Doe pattern to my addiction as it's in heavy rotation already! The details are in my post for the Minerva Crafts Blogger Network... Continue Reading →

Dotty about Datura!

Hello! I've another catch up post for you today, so I'm afraid if you follow me on Instagram you may already have seen some of these photos. Sorry not sorry, I love these makes! So a few weeks ago, my colleagues and I from Halifax trailed down to London for one of those lovely corporate... Continue Reading →

Feeling continental

Hello! So with this post, I'm playing catchup (again!) Sorry about this, it seems that I'm sewing faster than I'm writing just at the moment.  Part of that is that the sewing tackles stress for me far more efficiently than does the writing, and right now there's a fair amount of stress to tackle!  Also,... Continue Reading →

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