Lovely Lola

This top was the top which made summer go away! I made it at the end of the wonderful, long, continuous streak of summery weather, and just about as I finished it, the sun went away.

Today is the first time since it’s been nice enough to wear it. The good news is I love it! The bad news is that today has been extremely hot and humid so the photos may look a little pants!

What can I say: these days you grab the chances you can to take photos and hope for the best!

So, the details: this is the Fibre Mood “Lola” top. It’s a sweet, summery little number with a cute little ruffle which isn’t too overpowering (as someone who’s not the biggest fan of ruffles) and an interesting back fastening which leaves an open bit of back on view.

I got the issue of Fibre Mood this was in on launch, as this top filled up my Instagram feed and I fell in love with it. This meant that I had to trace the pattern out. Normally, I don’t really mind a little pattern tracing now and again. But this was a nightmare. I mean, truly horrific. All the lines for each pattern were in the same colour: some pattern pieces needing piecing together because they were too big to fit on the page. Seam allowances aren’t included (WHY????) but worst of all, they couldn’t think of enough different line patterns for a unique on for each size and so they just start again above a certain size. My size, as it happens. Or at least, one of the ones I was grading between.

Honestly, it was horrific. I actually ended up having to recut a couple of pieces, having inadvertently traced the wrong line off. And I have used a lot of Ottobre patterns in the past, along with some La Maison Victor, so I am used to tracing out of magazines. This was a totally different ball game and I hated it.

In future, when a Fibre Mood pattern appeals, I will skip the hard copy magazine and just pay to download the one or two patterns I really want. That gives me a layered pdf file, which has seam allowances included.

Anyway, rant over. The only adjustment I made was to move the centre back panel slightly higher to make absolutely sure that my bra strap wouldn’t be making an appearance in public! A very simple adjustment but one I’m glad I made.

I also intentionally cut the front yoke on the cross grain as I love the effect this gives with a narrow stripe. It also prevented me having to pattern match at all: win win!

For a relatively simple looking top, this isn’t the speediest sew in the world. There are a lot of seams, that big old ruffle needs hemming and then gathering, there’s elastic in the centre back piece to get a good fit so it’s all a bit fiddly. Nevertheless, I did enjoy myself. I also made sure to overlock the hell out of my very drapey, cool fabric as it frays like mad.

I really love the end result. The front neckline is fantastic for someone who burns as easily as I do, but even in today’s 28 degree, humid heat, it has felt lovely and cool. I did have to remember to sun cream my back though! 😂

How have you been dealing with the heat? Any good pattern recommendations?

Becca x

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  1. This top is on my to do list as well. Good suggestion to raise the back opening to stop the bra from showing? How did you find the armholes on the finished top?

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