When your makes don’t live up to expectations

Hi there!

Did you ever have one of those makes that you were really excited about, that you just knew was going to be amazing, that you planned really carefully and then, when it was finished, just weren’t that sure about?

Yeah, this is that make for me.

I bought the Talvikki by Named patterns towards the end of last winter, hence it never quite got made up. But I loved it. The relaxed shape! The high low hem! And that gorgeous, darted neckline; heart eyes all over the place round here.

Whilst at Sew Brum last year, I fell hard for this fleece backed jersey in Guthrie Ghani.  I think I may have been cuddling the bolt of fabric at one point! But I absolutely loved it and, possibly influenced by the pattern photography, decided it would be perfect for the Talvikki.  For some reason, it took me a little while to pick it up when I got back (possibly because there was a definite need for snuggly jumpers in my wardrobe and in that situation, the tried and tested patterns often leap to the top of the list).

Anyway, I got the pattern printed up at NetPrinter along with a bunch of others and finally, FINALLY, got around to cutting it out last month.

The actual making up was pretty straightforward.  I think I’d been a little worried about those feature darts, but they were actually relatively simple for the impact they can have.  And everything else was nothing new, especially as the mitred corners on the hem also featured on the Toaster sweater which I did make last year.

And then I put it on.


I’m just not convinced by it.  I honestly think it looks too big, which is a real shame, as I sized as per the pattern indications.  I don’t think the shoulder shape suits me over much, and the sleeves just feel too wide (I may go back and re-sew the sleeve seam to bring them in quite a bit).

Worst of all, being oversized to this extent, combined with the high hem at the front, this actually isn’t the super snuggly cuddle of a jumper I was hoping for; it’s actually not that warm at all because it’s so loose on the body.

So for now, I’m wearing it largely at home and pairing it with a roll neck top, which does help a little. But I just feel a little sad when I wear it; all that potential feels to have been wasted.

Still, I guess they can’t all work out, right?  There’s nothing massively wrong with it, as such; it just isn’t what I hoped for. And it is such bloody gorgeous fabric too.

Hey ho; win some, lose some.

Do you have makes like this stashed away? What’s the solution; make yourself wear it until you like it, or give up and donate to the charity shop?

Becca x


Pattern  Talvikki by Named patterns

Fabric Pastel blue marl fleecebacked jersey from Guthrie Ghani

My measurements

Bust: 35″

Waist: 30″

Hips: 41″

Size cut UK 10

Adjustments made None

Future adjustments?

If I were to make it again, I would probably size down, slim the sleeves and lengthen the front bodice a little

Make again?

Honestly it’s unlikely.  I have other sweatshirt patterns that do feel good and are comfy and snuggly; I’m not sure this one is going to jump to the top of the queue again any time soon.

17 thoughts on “When your makes don’t live up to expectations

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  1. I see what you mean – the sleeves look too big. The body looks good though! Hopefully slimming the sleeves will have an effect on your feelings overall, because that fabric looks too good not to try and save. (Ooor you could unpick and get a smaller sweater out of it, probably – an Astoria perhaps?).

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  2. So frustrating when things don’t turn out how you expect. I’d definitely try slimming down the arms and maybe shortening them a little bit before abandoning it. Especially as you love the fabric so much. X

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  3. I hate it when this happens – . Have you tried wearing it with the cuffs folded back? I notice the ones on the Named site and Heather from Closet Case Patterns have both done that with theirs – the narrow wrist/wide sleeve contrast helps balance the proportions somehow. If that doesn’t work, I’m stumped. But you could always unpick and turn it into a jumper for one of your daughters – I downsized a sweatshirt that went wrong for me recently into one for my nephew!

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  4. It’s rubbish when this happens, but I just send my mis-makes to the charity shop. Life’s too short to feel down or guilty every time you look at it. Say goodbye and look forward to making something you’ll love much more x

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  5. Hi Becca, the neck darts are interesting so could you use that part of the pattern morphed onto another pattern which you know and like? It’s the sort of thing I’d have a go at, the neckline is the USP of this pattern for me so it might be worth a try. Sue x

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  6. The darted neckline looks fabulous, so hopefully you can keep that as a feature in a future make somehow. I don’t keep my failed makes – they go straight to the local op shop (charity shop). They might not suit me, but they’ll be perfect for someone else!

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  7. I had a similar experience with some gorgeous french terry (same as yours) in a dusty rose that I made into a Toaster Sweater. It ended up being HUGE but you know what happened? I ended up loving it and wore it a LOT. It was the perfect temp under a coat – not too hot or too cold and so darn comfortable I never wanted to take it off and when I looked in the mirror it looked pretty good (as does yours!) I think if you give it a chance and wear it for a while you’ll fall in love with it. I have this pattern! Seeing yours has definitely inspired me to get on that!

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  8. I think the issue is one of proportions. it’s hard to tell accurately from the photos but it looks like the armhole depth is just a bit less than half the over all front length. We usually find thirds more ‘pleasing’ to look at (rule of thirds in photography for example). The back view is better because it is longer overall.
    The solution will probably be to decrease armhole depth by sliming the sleeves including the armhole as you are likely to end up with a ratio closer to thirds.
    I love the darted neck!

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